I was born in Naples, Italy, and I have been wanting to play music from as early as I can remember.
When I was 5years old, Mum and Dad took me along to see Chet Baker performing at a local club: I sat mesmerised throughout the entire concert, after which I started pestering them about wanting to have music lessons.
Unfortunately I didn’t get along with my first music teachers, so I decided to put my music education on hold for a few years.
Nevertheless, my fascination with sounds and melodies and all things musical didn’t stop, but it grew into a real passion – helped by the house piano which I started to favour over ordinary toys.
At first I was playing along to records and, before I knew it, I found myself entertaining family and friends with songs that I had picked up by ear.
I continued to play by ear and taught myself some basic principles of music theory and harmony.
It was only when I was in my early teens that I finally resumed some kind of formal music education by taking lessons with a few good teachers.
In the meantime I started playing in rock bands (my first instrument was electric bass) and writing songs.
By the time I was 18 I had discovered jazz and started playing professionally in local bars and restaurant.
Then came the first few cover-band function jobs and that made me decide to quit a university degree in philosophy in pursue for my real passion: it was indeed a philosophical decision that I have never regretted.

In 2000 I moved to London, where I have since been working as a freelance pianist, composer and producer.

I have been involved in a number of different music projects, with styles ranging from jazz to pop, from electronica to world music, from cabaret to rock and funk. Venues I have performed at include Ronnie Scott’s, Pizza Express Dean Street, 606 Club, Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Jazz Café, National Theatre Foyer.

I have played big stages, small clubs, festivals, weddings, TV shows, and in 2011 I was asked to play for the drinks reception at the party that President Obama organized in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the residence of the American ambassador in London.

The following is a selection of my work (please find full CV at the bottom of the page)

I work with a few agencies that provide music acts for corporate events:
Clients I have played for include Porsche, Hilton Hotels, Credit Suisse, Coca-Cola, Manchester Utd FC, Virgin.

2012 Abbey Road Studios: recording for New-Age artist Qi-Rattan
2008 Abbey Road Studios: recording for American artist Jennifer Crestol, produced by Haydn Bendall.
2007 Metropolis Studios: recording for French artist Clemence.

Media and Theatre:
2009 Sound design and original music composed for “Annawon’s Song”, a play by Beverly Andrews
2009 Composed and produced the tune “Toledo Promenade” for indipendent Italian documentary “Coccinelle”
2008 Played on the original soundtrack to “Blackwater Transit”, a feature film directed by Tony Kaye.

I have been involved in the London jazz scene for the past ten years. Artists I have had the pleasure to work with (and some of whom I collaborate with on a regular basis) include:
Jim Mullen, Cameron Pierre, Brian Edwards, Tony Kofi, Anjali Perin, Ed Jones, Quentin Collins, Fulvio Sigurta, Rod Youngs, Puppini Sisters, Lauren Dalrymple, Ben Hazleton, Marta Capponi, Nick Pini, Roy Pfeffer, Roberto Manzin, Francesco Lo Castro, Alan Weeks, Shane Forbes, Alan Short, Davide Mantovani, Enzo Zirilli.